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If you are thinking about switching over to solar energy, take the first step by requesting a complimentary quote from our team.


The design process begins immediately after approval, starting with a custom-tailored layout for your property.


Our trained solar experts will arrive at your home or business the day your panel system is ready for installation.


Prepare to kick back, enjoy reduced payments on your electrical bill, and bask in your new green property..

Go solar. Save Money. Produce Your Own Energy.

The Best Solar Panel Installations in California

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Call Ca Renewable Energy for all your solar panel installation needs in California! Residential and commercial projects are our specialty. We take pride in being a family owned and locally operated company. Our specialists have also developed a reputation as solar engineering, design, and installation masters.

We strive daily to exceed the community’s expectations by employing only the best solar panel installers staying ahead of the environmental curve. We make the adoption of energy-efficient power a possibility—without putting a dent in your budget.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service from the beginning of an installation to the time we apply the finishing touches. Choose Ca Renewable Energy when you’ve made the decision to go solar.

Power your property with clean, renewable energy. Call (833) 777 4872 to start saving!

Better Power. Happier Customers.

Great service!

“Great service, works with city permits, works as the utility liaison to ensure everything gets done on time. Does not outsource, all labor and installation done by in house professional resources.”

Save Money

“I’m satisfied so far with Ca Renewable Energy and my electric bill! Before Solar I paid Aps $300 plus. Now I’m paying $37 after taxes and fees to Aps every month so far.”

From the air, sea and polar icecap to your roof. See how SunPower is pushing the boundaries of solar for your home, business and power plants.

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