Solar Water Heating in California

Upgrade Your Property with Clean, Renewable Energy

Solar water heating is an ideal option for home and business owners who want to increase their energy savings, reduce their carbon footprint, and improve their property’s overall sustainability. If you tend to use a fair amount of hot water at your home or business, solar water heating can make a significant impact on your monthly energy bills. At SunPower® by Ca Renewable Energy, we proudly offer superior solar services, including solar water heating in California and throughout the neighboring areas. We can help you determine if your home or commercial property is an ideal candidate for this type of water heating system and, if so, help you get started with quick, quality solar installation. We’ve been serving the local community since 2006, offering a complete range of residential and commercial solar solutions backed by industry-leading warranties and one of the top solar brands.

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How Does a Solar Water Heating System Work?

Like other solar-powered systems, solar water heating requires the installation of solar panels on your property. These panels collect energy from the sun and then transfer this energy to the water tank in which your home or commercial property’s water is stored where it is then heated up for use. Backup systems, including boilers and immersion heaters, are typically recommended for additional water heating or heating on cloudy days.

Determining if Solar Water Heating Is Right for You

While solar water heating is an ideal option for many, it isn’t always a perfect solution for every property.

Our solar experts can help you determine if this option is right for you by assessing:

  • How much sun your property receives
  • Potential location for solar panel installation
  • Space requirements for large and/or additional hot water tanks
  • Current boiler compatibility with solar water heating

With more than a decade of experience, SunPower® by Ca Renewable Energy can help you determine your specific solar system options, including solar water heating in California. We are the first and only SunPower® Master Dealer in California and our team is committed to exceptional workmanship and outstanding customer service, every time.

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